The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Oscars 2015 Dresses

The 87th Academy award ceremony, the Oscars 2015 was quite moving this year. Men showed their emotions and cried on the screen. John Legend and Common performed a sol touching song ‘Glory’ and Lady Gaga performed one of the world’s best loved song, the sound of music. It was all very moving so much so we…

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Designer Style: Tadashi Shoji at New York Fashion Week

Octavia Spencer is your celebrity style muse for Tadashi Shoji’s curvy silhouette designs. She wears his clothes with grace, confidence and such elegance that makes curvy women covet his creative designs. He is quite clear on the body shapes he caters for ‘employing expert techniques in draping, ruching and shutter pleats, each garment is masterfully…

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Was your Valentine’s day worth it ?

Why did I dread the Valentine’s day so much? The day never had this kind of impact on me in the past, so why was this one different? I would gladly spend the day alone or with girl friends a couple of years ago than spend it with any past cheating boyfriends who pretended to be…

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Goal Setting

7 Wardrobe Goals to Consider

Highly successful people will agree that success does not just drop on your laps, you work hard for it. It takes an effort before you are recognized for something great. Success requires a lot of effort. You have to set a goal, plan on how to achieve the goal(Strategize) and work long hard hours to carry…

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Woman in Blue Retro Polka Dot Dress. Pin Up Style

Style Icons of the Twentieth Century

Since the mankind has acquired a maturity and wisdom, it had tried to improve itself. It had tried to excel and advance in every walk of life, fashion or style is the most prominent among them. It’s true to say that every person around us wanted to look great, and they do so by getting…

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New Year Bra Etiquette Checklist

Madonna donned the infamous cone bra during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, the cone bra epitomized his provocative aesthetic, giving him his “enfant terrible” reputation. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry wore cone bras in their videos, Howard Hughes and Rebecca Dana turned bras to impractical jokes. Victoria’s secret launched the…

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13 New Year Style Resolution to Try

Coming a bit late it seems but it’s never too late to write a New Year resolution. It’s only been two weeks into the New Year and so we’re writing the vision down and making it plain for all to see; it helps clarifies things for us and this way we get you to hold us…

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